Enjoy the taste of the great outdoors with Alfresco Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens have been around for over 2000 years since man used fire for cooking today they are more for pleasure and enjoyment rather than just cooking.

It is all about Family, Friends and Enjoyment.

Alfresco Pizza Ovens are made from the best refractory materials available to give a rustic appearance we suggest that you speak to our team who will be happy to discuss any design or size and operating instructions.

Alfresco have several designs available for the home or commercial use.

Enjoy the taste of an authentic pizza cooked in a Wood Fired Oven

Your Cooking Starts here

This time cooking pizzas, but it could be bread, casseroles or roasting. All equally delicious but the choice is yours. The only certainty is a good time will be had by all.

Our Basic Pizza Oven

Our basic Gemello oven suitable for most domestic applications. Suitable for cooking two pizzas at the same time in less than two minutes!


Choose Alfresco Pizza Ovens for your perfect outdoor cooking, to give the ultimate dining experience and the opportunity to spend special times with friends and family.

About us

Alfresco Pizza Ovens are based in Stoke-on-Trent the centre of the United Kingdom's Ceramic Industry. So, it isn’t surprising that we use the best refractory materials, reinforced with stainless steel fibres, to produce ovens that will continue to give the best performance of all refractory products withstand the temperature and insulate the oven.

Our many years of experience working with refractories and cooking Alfresco helps to provide an ideal solution, both with materials and design help, to improve the efficiency of your oven. All joints are designed to give a dog leg shape and avoid a straight through joint to avoid leakages.

We can also supply high quality insulation materials and cooking utensils if required.

We try to make the purchasing straight forward and would always recommend a conversation so that you know exactly what is being supplied and we know what you are expecting. We will arrange transport of your oven by carrier but please note that the carriers will only deliver to your property but not to your construction point.

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FAQ's - what you need to know when purchasing a pizza oven


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Pizza is only the start! Great ideas for your pizza oven.


Bring family and friends together for a classic, outdoor dining experience with Alfresco Pizza Ovens