Alfresco Pizza Ovens, our product range

Whether you want to enjoy a small, intimate, family occasion or cater for 100’s at an outdoor festival, Alfresco Pizza Ovens can supply the ideal Pizza Oven for your requirements. We currently produce to order three sizes of our popular wood burning oven, frames and accessories.

Product Range

Alfresco pizza ovens are wood fired and available in three sizes, Gemello, Quattro, Quattro XL.

All our ovens have a rustic finish and can be supplied as ceramic material only, or with flue, door, additional insulation and accessories. The exact package is your choice please contact us and we will assist getting the best equipment for your particular application.

We specialise in manufacturing the ceramic/ refractory material using the latest materials and equipment to produce the best quality ovens available. All our ovens are made in the UK.

CAD drawings, for assisting installations are available on request


For most domestic applications the Gemello oven will be large enough to meet your demands. With a cooking area of approximately 750mm diameter, you can cook two pizzas and still have space for the fire/ash.
Cooking time for a pizza is usually very fast, about two minutes, so you can feed the whole family nearly as fast as you can serve it!

It can take just 45 minutes to heat the oven to a consistent cooking temperature and heat retention can last between 10 & 12 hours.

Total weight of this oven, not including extra insulation, is 300Kgs with the largest piece being 200kgs.

Prices from £1000


For those who require a larger oven we have the Quattro, which has a one meter diameter cooking area, this oven will easily accommodate up to four pizzas.

In an hour the oven will heat to a consistent cooking temperature with heat retention lasting from 20 - 24 hours.

Total weight of this oven, not including any extra insulation, is 400 Kgs with the largest piece being 150Kgs

Prices from £1800

Quattro XL

For larger applications we can extend the Quattro with 300mm long sections, in theory several extensions pieces can be added to give any length of oven you may need. Or we can produce large ovens to your required size. Please contact us so we may discuss your requirements.

In an hour the oven will heat to a consist cooking temperature with heat retention lasting approximately 24 hours.

Total weight of this oven, not including any extra insulation, is approximately 500Kgs with the largest piece weighing 150Kgs

Prices from £2100

Accessories, contact us for further information

We can supply insulation in the form of calcium silicate and ceramic fibres, these days body soluble fibres are the usual choice. These are usually manufactured in Europe, although materials from other areas of the world are available.

The ovens use standard 125mm diameter flues, usually 500mm long, although 1000mm flues can also be used. We are happy to supply all your oven requirements, but you are free to source these separately. Doors, in many different styles, are also available. These range in price from £25 for a simple stainless plate to £250 for a metal & high temp glass hinged door.

Further accessories and utensils are also available, please contact us for recommendations and availability


After you have decided on your design, and our experts have confirmed that this is the correct product for your requirements, we will send you an invoice, preferably by email. Safe and secure payments will be accepted via Sage Pay, so any credit card /debit card can be used, or by bank transfer. Easy to follow instructions will be provided.


We will arrange for delivery by a courier, this is usually within 2-3 days of payment depending on stock levels. The ovens are packed on pallets depending on the oven size, usually one pallet but the Quattro XL can be on as many as 3 pallets!

The courier will unload your oven and will usually place it in your drive or close to your property as instructed. At that point it becomes your responsibility to move it to where you will use the oven.

Transport cost varies depending on location, but again we will advise you on this.

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