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There are many great ideas and culinary masterpieces you can accomplish with your Alfresco Pizza Oven. Although pizza is the, very tasty, and obvious choice for your oven it’s just the start of the adventure.

Great Ideas

By understanding and managing the cooking temperature within your pizza oven you can cook a whole of range of foods the only limitation being your imagination.

Starting with the obvious, pizza cooks fast in wood fired ovens once the correct temperatures have been reached. A few minutes in the oven and a thin pizza base will be piping hot and ready to eat, so therefore toppings, be it meat, vegetable or seafood must reflect this to avoid burnt vegetables or undercooked meat. Pizzas can be bought or, for the full authentic experience, dough can be made by hand which isn’t as hard as you may think, especially if you have a bread machine!

Like pizza, bread in all its various forms can easily be produced from a wood fired oven – it’s also a brilliant way to utilise the left over heat, post garden party. We could write a whole book on cooking rustic, flavoursome, amazing smelling bread. Again dough can be made by hand and proved by traditional methods or by utilising a bread machine.

If you’ve ever owned a slow cooker you can appreciate the pleasures of a long slow cooked stew or casserole. Meat is slowly cooked, rendering down any fat and releasing the flavoursome juices, resulting in meat the literally melts in the mouth, vegetables cooked to perfection and sauces to die for! All you need is a some oven cooked bread for classic one pot cooking.




If there is one advantage a pizza oven has over the traditional barbeque its cooking meat. Using a consistent temperature, with the flames kept away from the food can control the heat cooking ribs to roasts and everything in between. Possibly my favourite use for a pizza oven.

To accompany all the meat, stews and casseroles what better than some vegetables as a tasty accompaniment. Vegetables will cook fast if required, charring corn on the cob, with a wood smoked taste or slow and tender Mediterranean style vegetables are just some of the options available.

We couldn't finish this article without mentioning the UK’s favourite dish the curry! Whether it’s a marinated leg of lamb, cooked tandoori style or a slow cooked, spicy dish explore the multitude of opinions available with a pizza oven – but don’t forget the flat breads.




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Great Ideas

Pizza is only the start! Great ideas for your pizza oven.


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