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At Alfresco we like to know about your successes and even your failures, anybody sending a story and a photograph will receive a £25 Alfresco Pizza Oven.

I bought a Gemello oven in Feb 17 but it was the end of May by the time I had the base ready and the oven installed. I tried cooking pizzas but either the top was burnt or the bottom was uncooked.
I called Dave at Alfresco and we had a conversation about how the heat is absorbed into the structure, the type of fuel. Dave recommended using kiln dried logs and only cooking as the flames started to reduce, we also talked about slow cooking of large pieces of beef. Because of cost I had been very reluctant to buy an expensive piece of meat until I had mastered the pizzas.
When the pizza turned out to be great, I decided to try the beef, and it was the best piece of meat I have tasted for years,
So thank you for your time Dave, that conversation was the turning point for me, it was great to talk to someone with experience of cooking in a wood fired oven. I just hope we get a good summer this year, or I will be cooking in the rain! Gary Dukes

Great service, I ordered a gemello oven by phone, when I arrived home from work there was an invoice sent by email, which I paid by debit card to sage pay, the oven arrived 2 days later and by 6.30 pm that day I was cooking in it !!! Richard Fletcher

I'm a keen outdoor chef, so I started researching wood burning ovens, I came across “Alfresco” and spoke to Dave who had a lot of knowledge on pizza ovens and has worked in the field for a lot of years. After a good chat he recommended the Quattro oven as we entertain large parties in the summer months. The prices were reasonable compared to the other companies we researched. The oven arrived on time and looks excellent, we will be assembling (weather permitting) in the next few weeks. We would defiantly recommend Alfresco Pizza Oven……Photos will follow.

Ps thanks to Dave and his team.

I received the pizza oven from my wife as a Christmas present. I have to say it’s the best present I have received, we bought a Gemello along with the frame, the finish of the clay is very good. The frame is very sturdy and the base and dome went straight on top. My brother assembled it all and we were cooking the day after Boxing Day! We hosted a pizza party with 10 guest on New Year’s Eve! All the guests enjoyed topping their own pizza and cooking them.

An excellent service and an excellent product.

After speaking to Dave I bought the Gemello, due to having a small courtyard garden. I built a brick base to the sizes instructed by Alfresco. The oven arrived on time and looks good. I will be using fibre board which I bought from Alfresco to lay the pizza oven base onto then put the dome on top. The oven was a better price than the competitors with very similar specification. We also bought all the utensils from alfresco.

Thanks for all you help

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